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Halloween Cleaning Tips

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Halloween is perhaps one of the most enjoyable nights of the year. However, just like a lot of other things, it sometimes comes with a mess. Because of this, a lot of homeowners end up having to spend their entire day cleaning up their houses.  

Whether you simply need to reset your house before or after a Halloween party or you’ve got a mess left over from pranks, there are a couple of cleaning tips you can follow this Halloween. 

If you think you can’t handle the job on your own, you can always rely on house cleaning services Oakland CA for help. 

Removing Eggs Off Your Car or House 

You need to clean up your house or car as soon as possible if you get egged. Eggs can stain your siding or mess up your car’s paint as they dry and bake in the sun. 

To clean up the eggs, you can use a hose. Start by spraying the eggs from the bottom. This will loosen them up. Next, spray from the top until you remove them.  

You can also utilize a mixture of soap and cool water if you’re having a hard time removing the eggs. You need to use a brush to scrub them. 

Removing Toilet Paper 

During Halloween, getting TPed can be a bit fun. However, it can also be extremely frustrating to clean up. As much as possible, try to remove the toilet paper from your house before it rains.  

You can usually use your hands to pick up most toilet paper. However, you will have to use some tools if it is high in the trees.  

To help remove the toilet paper, you can utilize a rake. However, try to not tug it too hard. You might need to use a ladder if you tear the toilet paper. Also, you can use a leaf blower to get rid of toilet paper.  

Removing Chocolate Stains 

Did your kid get candy on your upholstery, carpet, or clothing? Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after your kids.  

When you want to get rid of chocolate stains on upholstery and carpet, you need a combination of dishwashing liquid and water. You also have to use a washcloth. On upholstery, wipe from the outside in. For carpet, you might have to soak the stain for several minutes. 

On the other hand, you can use a sponge for chocolate stains on your clothing. You can also utilize a clothing stain remover.  

Cleaning Up After a Halloween Party 

Halloween parties can often leave a huge mess. You probably have a huge cleanup on your hands if you served drinks and food. You might even have to deal with stains and spills. Once you’re done giving everything a thorough clean and picking up the trash, you need to examine for stains.  

You can get rid of costume makeup stains using a combination of dish detergent, alcohol, and water. You should also use a cloth to blot the stains. Do not rub it.  

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